Things You Need To Check When Buying Toddler’s Shoes

Getting your toddler the right footwear will help them move around the places and improve their motor skills. With the right shoes, they can run around, walk, hop, skip without worrying about discomfort and pain.

If you are buying shoes for your little one, here is the low down of things you need to check.

Velcro vs. Lace

There are a lot of advantages of Velcro fasteners. It is very easy to put on and get off and you will have less time on tying laces. However, this can also be a disadvantage as the child might be able to get the shoes off by themselves which can be dangerous. Shoe lace, on the other hand, are quite complicated and time-consuming to put on and also pretty hard to get it off. When choosing between Velcro and shoe lace, you need to consider the age of your child. Kids who are not capable of reaching their feet, Velcro-fastened shoes might be ideal. But if you are teaching your kids to learn who to tie their own shoe laces, then shoe lace is the way to go.

Shoe material

Kids and run around a lot so you need shoes that will give them maximum comfort despite all the running and the movement. Before buying baby shoes online or in store, check the material of the shoes. The material should be soft and comfortable and will not hinder your kid’s movement. Cloth and soft leather shoes are ideal choices. Stiff leathers, though they look nicer, might cause necessary pain to your kid’s feet while walking or running. Check them for yourself when buying on the store. If you are purchasing online, check out the product specs. Baby shoes online UAE stores provide description, including the materials.

Bendable soles

Aside from comfortable material, your kids’ shoes must be able to have firm grip on slippery surface to avoid accidents like slipping and falling. Check the soles as well before buying. Apart from the firm grip, the soles should be flexible enough to support your kid’s feet while running. Stiff soles may hinder their movement and cause pain on their feet.

Quality of the item

Above all else, you need to see if the shoes is of quality in terms of material and its made. Be vigilant when checking the quality of the shoes. Are there any tear? Is the sole bendable and firmly attached to the body of the shoes? If you are buying from a store, check the item for yourself. If you are buying from an online seller, be sure to check the terms. Baby shoes online Dubai stores usually has a return and refund policy

Fitting of the shoes

The fit of the shoes is quite important so be sure to get the right fit for your kid’s feet. Have your kid try the shoes themselves and have a few walks or runs while wearing it to see if they are comfortable wearing it. If you are buying online, measure your kids’ exact size before ordering.