Facts about Body Shapers

The illusion of a slim body involves body shapers that show a slim figure, flat stomach, and contoured body. There are also some body shaper suppliers who claim that the shapers can help lose weight. In fact, when you wear a body shaper during exercise, it will become difficult to breath due to tight shaper and the body will feel stress. Several people say that body shapers don’t help lose weight but they just make you look slimmer, like the belt can take your tummy in and the pants can make you slim. Body shapers in UAE include undergarments, pants, belts, and other products. The products are good to wear under your regular dresses but avoid wearing them while exercising because they affect breathing depending on your measurements. A body shaper often puts pressure on the stomach, pushing the diaphragm, eventually you look slim, but the lack of proper breathing can affect your workout. Poor breathing can make you tired and you will have to stop the exercise, so will burn less fat.

When to Wear Body Shapers?

There is no need to wear the body shapers at home, instead stay calm and wear loose clothes while resting. Body shapers are good when you have a date and want to look good or you have to attend a party and want to wear the shaper to look slim. There are several women who are overweight and wear shapers regularly during working hours. If the body shaper is too tight to your body better avoid it during work because it will create stress and poor breathing. Your posture may also suffer due to tight shapers. Better choose the body shaper that fits you well. Some women deliberately choose too tight shapers for body contouring but they are uncomfortable.


Body shapers become comfortable in winters when you need more warmth. You can also wear a shaper in summers if you sit in an air-conditioned room. Hot shaper pants are very common and lots of women wear them. Choose the pants fabric according to weather because the material may affect your skin. You can choose to wear the shaper pants on specific occasions. Avoid wearing shapers for long hours or while sleeping. Try to wear a shaper made of a breathable fabric so it does not trap moisture or sweat. It will become hard to work in summers with shapers made of nylon or polyester that trap moisture. Choose the body shaper wisely after looking at the fabric.