5 Hacks On Cleaning Your Home Curtains

For some homeowners, cleaning and washing home curtains can be a chore. Since most of them are made of heavy materials, cleaning them can be a tedious task. Which is why most homeowners keep their curtains as is – not cleaning them until such time that they would just replace it.

But curtain cleaning in Dubai doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Here are some life hacks that can make curtain cleaning less stressful for homeowners like you:

  1. Dust it often

Most of the time, curtain turn soiled and dirtied due to dust accumulating in the fabric. Once the dust accumulates, the fabric becomes a bit hard and heavy. To prevent this from happening, be sure to dust your curtain often. Using a feather duster, you can remove the dust and dirt on your curtains. Although it might do little for removing dust, it can remove the ones on the surface.

  1. Clean your windowsill

Apart from cleaning your curtains, you also need to clean the windowsills. Windowsills are one of the places in your home where dust and dirt settle and accumulate. This is often disregarded since it is outside the house. Still, the accrued dirt can go inside your home and get into your curtains. Wash and dust this part of the house often to minimize dust accumulation.

  1. Keep your windows closed

Although there advantages on opening your windows, it can also invite dirt and dust inside your property and dirt will likely get into the fabric of your curtains and make heavier and dirtier. During windy days, close your windows and doors. This will lessen the chances of dirt flowing inside your property and minimize unwanted dirt from sticking to your house fabrics, like your curtains.

  1. Use the right detergent

At times, homeowners are using the same fabric detergent for all their washing and cleaning needs, including curtain washing. But you need to remember that your curtains are made of different fabric. Using the wrong cleaning detergent might damage the material of your curtains. Be sure to use the right kind of detergent based on the material of your curtains.

  1. Go for professional cleaning

If your curtains are too big and too many for you to clean, it would be best to bring them to a professional washer. These cleaning professionals have the equipment and cleaning detergent to get the job done.

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