Why Digital Printing Is the Way To Go

Digital printing is one the rise and for a good reason. It provides clients with lots of advantages when it comes to printing capabilities.

Should you be looking for reasons to shift to digital printing, here are some of them:

  • Faster output processing

If you are running on a tight printing deadline and would need to deliver the output as soon as possible, then opt for digital printing. Digital printing in Dubai does not plates to run a printing order, as opposed to offset printing. The molding and creating plates would take time and will be added to your printing schedule. With digital printing, the printing company will simply run the print o the submitted designs straight to the material. The time of printing will be cut immensely and you can have more time checking the printed output and do re-runs if necessary.


  • Cost-effective printing

Printing companies who offer offset printing need a minimum number of orders before they accept a printing job. For those who will not be able to reach the minimum number, they will still have to pay the whole minimum printing cost so their orders would be processed. With digital printing, you will just pay that number of prints that you requested. No minimum orders required.


  • Accurate color grading

Offset printing is known for its capability to produce and copy colors closely related to the original design. Some people think that digital printing may not be able to do this. However, this would highly depend on the printer. Digital printing can achieve the same results, as long as your printer supplier is using high grade and top-notch printers and ink to deliver a high quality print with colors closely resembles to the original design.


  • You can order short run labels

As mentioned, there are some companies who refuse orders due to the number of prints being ordered. With digital printing, you can order as few or many as you can without worrying if you reached the number of minimum orders required by offset printing companies.


  • Flexibility for multiple labels

You have printing orders for multiple orders, you might need to pay a much higher printing cost and extend your deadlines. Digital printing would give you the flexibility to print multiple labels in a much shorter period and lower cost, as there are no plates to create and no set up fees required for each label that you need to be printed.


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